A Weaker Man would have just quit This is a one-off success story that holds fascination for every reader. At the age of 44, Michael Mark has achieved professional and financial independence and stands as a testament to the power of gutsy determination and a feisty, often outrageous never-surrender attitude.

Mike acted on his first entrepreneurial impulse at the age of nine, and has been driven to succeed ever since. Despite initial setbacks of university failure, job terminations and what he experienced as professional and political sabotage, he fought his way to respect and success in the engineering profession and construction industry.

Then there is the personal side of this iconoclast – a maniacal skateboarder in his early years, and obsessive collector and builder of cars from scratch in his office warehouse and, currently, a devoted family man to his three sons and amazing wife who managed to stick by him through his most trying years.

In Learning to Fall we get to see inside a head that is forever turning - to what is challenging, what is fu, what ROCKS like OZZY. This personal tale is wild, often hilarious and always full of uninhibited expression. Once you get to know Mike you’ll not forget him, or the truth his story reveals – the power of living with passion and refusing to ever give up.